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Program : Oral French (vocabulary, tenses, use of simple expressions, daily communication, simulations of daily situations and job interviews.

This course is being enriched to prepare for the FIDE test.

Learning objectives : Providing the learners with the basic tools of daily communication.

Purposes : Allowing learners to make themselves understood, to speak and communicate rapidly.

Preparing students for the FIDE test.

Certification : Participation certificate issued by the school.

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CAF accepted

Course reference: 3808. School code: 248

  • Pre-requirements

    A1 level or False beginners

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  • Days/Times

    Monday – Wednesday (6pm-8pm)

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  • Number of hours by class


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  • Cost

    615 CHF (3 months – 48 hours)

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  • Next session

    March 16th

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